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StoutCap Closes Fully-Funded $9.2M Treetop Apartments Deal

New Deal Brings Value-Add Enhancements to the Complex and Double Return for Investors

StoutCap, a premier real estate investment firm creating opportunities to help people invest passively in real estate, today announced it has closed its fully-funded $9.2M acquisition of Treetop Apartments, a garden-style apartment community located in Fayetteville, North Carolina.

This investment is expected to double the return for investors in six years, with 100 percent of capital returned in three years. StoutCap will be making property-wide enhancements in all 146 units at Treetop Apartments, as well as further enhancements to the complex’s amenities and exterior spaces, which will lead to immediate rent premiums.

Fayetteville is a rapidly growing market located in southeast North Carolina. Being the largest metropolitan area in southeastern North Carolina, Fayetteville is expected to continue growing with the momentum of the southeast and North Carolina population growth.

Treetop Apartments sits on 10.4 acres of land that currently features community amenities of a sizable pool, large lounge area, onsite laundry facilities, a picnic area with grills, mature landscaping, and onsite property management and maintenance. The property also consists of 94,250 leasable square feet.

“We are thrilled that we have exceeded our funding goal and are closing on the Treetop Apartments, and that we are adding the property to our portfolio,” said Chris Stout, Principal of StoutCap. “Treetop Apartments has amazing potential and, with our plans, we are confident that it will double the return and add incredible value for our investors.”

The highlights of this deal include its close proximity to employers such as Fort Bragg, Cape Fear Valley Health System, and Cumberland County Schools, which all contribute to the local economy and work to elevate housing demand. Additional deal strengths include a favorable submarket and an advantageous rent vs. own analysis.

To learn more about StoutCap or Treetop Apartments, please visit https://stoutcap.com.

About StoutCap

StoutCap is a multifamily real estate investment firm with an established track record of producing passive income for investment partners. The company leverages more than two decades of individual and institutional experience to maximize ROI in landlord-friendly states where industry and job growth are strongest. Our team of dedicated professionals is committed to providing the highest level of service and support to help our clients achieve their financial goals. To learn more, visit stoutcap.com, or follow us on LinkedIn and Instagram.

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